Cool, calm, casual

Ο Τεντ Φαν Λέουβεν για τον Ιράκλι Μαϊσουράτζε

Three words to describe Albert Serrán Polo. In our search for defenders, we quickly came to Albert Sérran. Why? Being a product of the Academy of Espanyol, Albert Serran learned in young age to build up games, to think quick and never get in panic when he is under pressure.

Spanish and Dutch football academy’s teach their players that defending starts from the striker and attacks start from behind.

It was Johan Cruijff who influenced both Dutch and Spanish philosophies: “Football is a mindgame. You play with the brain. Because there is no player who runs faster than the ball.

With Anorthosis, we would like to play comfortable football, not only long balls. In our philosophy, football in the back is two against one, in midfield two against one, just as long till we create upfront a 1:1 situation. Take on the opponent: goal. Simple game, right?

Simple is difficult. To convert this plan from the drawingboard into the field, we need specialists. As I said before, constructing a team is like constructing a medicine. All single elements have effects on eachother. In the end, the team will be stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

All Anorthosis players must have some elements in common. They must be winners, players who want to improve every day, every training, every game. The must be winners, mentally strong with a big motivation.

 Albert Serrán fits exactly to the job description. An excellent defender in 1:1, rightfooted and resolut. Plays the ball safely and with sensiblity. He is very good in built up, has a good header, is intelligent, has a fantastic mentality on and off the pitch. He can think in high speed and has the technique to excecute what the mind thinks. Strong character, fine personallity. He can play on all positions in defense. And he plays like his character: cool, calm, casual.

Albert Serran doesnt think in problems, he thinks in solutions with an optimistic “can do” spell.

Albert Serran is more. He has a rich experience to help the many young players we have.

He played for Espanyol, Swansea City, AEK Larnaca and last year voor Spanish Segunda subtopper Alcorcón.

Albert Serran lived two years in Cyprus and he and his family love it here so much, they decided to return to their favorite island.

 He was looking for the right environment, we where looking for a player with his specific skills, so the match was easy made.


Usually I write now, Famagusta, we will return.

As I understood, some people think I am not involved enough in your history to use this heavy words. Although I had been covering as a journalist the Cyprus-issue for over three decades, I fully understand and respect what they mean.

I never had the intention to put myself on the same line as those who suffered. I wanted to express, that I do recognize the special position of Anorthosis and feel very connected. For me it was a big motivation to come to this club. Anorthosis truly is, more than a club.

Maybe this slogan is better: Famagusta: Anorthosis will return!

Ted van Leeuwen,

Technical Director

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