Wafles, weapons and goalkeepers from Belgium

Ο Τεντ Φαν Λέουβεν για τον Ιράκλι Μαϊσουράτζε

Jean-Marie Pfaff was the most flamboyant of them all. In the eyes of the insiders Michel Preud’homme was the greatest ever. At least, untill Thibaut Courtois appeared on the stage. Chelsea’s Tall Thibaut is at this moment maybe the best in the world.

Belgium goalkeepers. They became the country’s most popular export-article with wafles and weapons.

Belgium wafles everyone knows, their weapon industry is hardly exposed, but the Fabrique National d’Ármes de Guerre, better known as FN Herstal, is considered to make the best and most advanced weapons in the world.

And now there are the goalkeepers as export-products. Thibaut Courtois, Simon Mignolet, Silvio Proto, Sammy Bossut, Koen Casteels, Sinan Bolat, Logan Bailly, Jean-Francois Gillet, Urko Raphael. To mention a few of the present generation.

After Anorthosis gave talented Aldo Teqja on loan to gather experience, we where in need of a goalkeeper. Belgium giant club RSC Anderlecht was willing to give us their very talented number two on loan: Thomas Kaminski.

Although only 21 years of age, Thomas Kaminski is an experienced keeper. He gave his debut for Germinal Beerschot at the stunning age of 16, replacing Silvio Proto who was at the time transferred to Anderlecht.

Kaminski, became a regular starter for The Rats, as the nickname for the Antwerp club is, at the age of 17. Anderlecht took him from financially suffering GBA and gave him one year on loan to OH Leuven.

Even at his young age  Kaminski already played around 80 games at the highest level in Belgium and earned 33 caps in various the national youth teams.

The son of a Polish father and a Belgium mother is 1.88, has extreme reactions and reflexes, is quick with the feet and a good passer as well.

As considered the best goalkeeper in Belgium, Silvio Proto is the undisputable nr 1 of Anderlecht. At the time the giant club signed young Kaminski, they made a promise to Thomas to give him game-experience. Some clubs in the topdivision of Belgium where highly interested.  But Thomas Kaminski was very keen of participating in the Anorthosis project and resisted the interest from his own country.

We are pleased to welcome Thomas Kaminski.

Famagusta, Anorthosis will return
Ted van Leeuwen
Technical Director

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