Ted van Leeuwen on Esma Goncalves

Ο Τεντ Φαν Λέουβεν για τον Ιράκλι Μαϊσουράτζε

In case our vice-president Frantzeskos Hadjimichael would have had hair, they would have turned grey in the past month. Hardly ever experienced a more difficult winter-window in the past decade than this one. The market was extreme slow and the whole Europe seemed to be looking for a number 9.

And so was Anorthosis. With two strikers out, Yakovenko and Sabala, we had to look for replacement. Although Andreas Makris did exceptionelly well on the position. Not only giving pressure and the best of himself, he also scored vital goals and was always in the right time at the right place.

But apart from the upcoming Cup-games, we have 15 League-games ahead of us. Having only one striker is not enough to be competative when at the end of the season the awards are distributed.
Portugese striker Esmael Goncalves was from the beginning of the window our topfavorite. Only 23 years of age, fitting in the profile. But as Frantzeskos can testify, a hell of a job to break him loose from Rio Ave. A lot of pressure was given to us, and a lot of names were attached or related to our club. In this years we suffer from a tsunami of desinformation, gossip and rumors. We kept our head cool and kept focussed on this target, I believe the best we can get, for the money available.

Esmael Goncalves is technically and tactically a high level player. Has a natural touch of the ball, excellent kicking and passing abilities. A typical natural gifted player, athletic, with good movements. Can play with his back to the goal, can drop into midfield, has an eye for space, a nose for a chance and the legs to score. A very all-round striker. A fox in the box, as well as a dribbler who can create a goal on his own. This quality of players with the creativity to open games that normally stay closed.

A player that will fit in the style Anorthosis plays now and good enough for the level. Esmael, who knows Cyprus from an earlier spell at APOEL, was very motivated to come to Anorthosis and help us with the project.

We wish Esmael a great future.

Famagusta, Anorthosis will return.
Ted van Leeuwen, technical director.

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