Ede to Famagusta

Ο Τεντ Φαν Λέουβεν για τον Ιράκλι Μαϊσουράτζε

Ede to Famagusta?
In your dreams maybe

German is a beautiful and rich language. For those who don’t understand the language, it sounds like a talking machinegun.

Try to pronounce: ”Du, Ted. Spinnst du? Ede nach Zypern holen?”. It was a very good German friend who said this to me. He wanted to warn me, many weeks ago. This is gonna be a difficult transfer. And so right he was.  But in Anorthosis, we dont think in problems. We think in solutions.

Spinnst du… Spoken in German, that sounds like the dryer of your washing-machine at full spin. In plain English it means: “Ted, have you lost your mind? Chinedu to Cyprus? In your dreams maybe.” My friend ment well. He couldn’t believe that this gifted left winger would even consider to come to this amazing island other than for a holiday.

But we managed to convince him that we are in the middle of a highly interesting project with Anorthosis Famagusta. We convinced him that we can built a special team. And that he can play a significant part of this dream. A team that must be able to play sophisticated football, based on an iron stamina and a never-say-die-attitude.

Yesterday an Anorthosis-fan approached me on the streets of Larnaca with the question: “He must be really good, this Ede. You waited so long for him.” Indeed, Chinedu Ede is special. A very gifted player, but a lover of high-tech football as well. And it’s a little miracle indeed, he came from Mainz’05 on loan to Anorthosis Famagusta.

Fast, fast with the ball, left footed, can play from the wing, from the midfield and behind the striker. Breathtaking technique, good distributer. Intelligent person, intelligent player.

Came from the talent-factory of Reinickerdorfer Füchse in Berlin. In 2006 he landed in giant club Hertha BSC and from that moment I have followed this elegant magician. And saw him in Hertha, in Bochum, in Union Berlin, in Mainz, in Kaiserlautern. No less then 31 games for German national youthteams, 7 goals.

A player with some genius in his game, but who lost a little the joy in football. With the help of our good fans, it is our aim to bring back Chinedu Ede on the level he belongs.

I hope this very special person finds his way to the hearts of the fans of this very special club.

Famagusta: Anorthosis will return.

Ted van Leeuwen
Technical director

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