Abu, the next Chadli?

Ο Τεντ Φαν Λέουβεν για τον Ιράκλι Μαϊσουράτζε

Poetry in motion. When he runs, his feet don’t seem to touch the ground. Superb technique. A delicate first touch. Forward, always forward. Tall build, but lightfooted. An elegant player. A player with awareness. Before he receives the ball he already scanned the situation and knows the solution. A player who can think and act in high speed, due to his superb technique. Only 19 years of age. Anorthosis is proud to present one of Georgia’s finest talents: Giorgi Aburjania. Abu for intimi.

Fans of Anorthosis, try to pronounce without practising: AGOVV.
Not easy, right? As difficult it was for me to pronounce Anorthosis the first time. Anyway, AGOVV Apeldoorn was a small football club in Holland, I once worked. So small, I don’t think we have in Cyprus professional leagues.

One sunny day in July, a shy 17 year old boy came to trial. He was nervous that morning, made lot of mistakes. Not yet ready for the first team. But what a potential… What I saw that morning was similar to what I see in Aburjania. Although AGOVV was very poor and already out of budget, we didn’t hesitate and signed the player even before lunch. Sometimes you have to look what it brings, instead of what it costs.

The name of this player? Nacer Chadli. His current club: Tottenham Hotspur FC. If you have the chance to watch Belgium at the World Cup, check this Chadli.

Can Aburjania become the next Chadli? He has all the assets to be a top-player in the future. He is on my radar since the age of 14. If we give him everything and he gives us everything, he might indeed develop to be the next Chadli.

Of course it is football and many things can happen, but I must congratulate Anorthosis FC with this excellent acquisition.

Famagusta, we will return!
Ted van Leeuwen,
Technical Director

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