Antonio Puche Vicente: «Totally identified with Anorthosis’ history»

Antonio Puche Vicente: «Ταυτισμένος με την Ιστορία της Ανόρθωσης»

Today, our coach Mr Antonio Puche Vicente celebrates his 44th birthday and before practice he addressed a few words to the player:

«We all have to be together,  but we have to be the first ones to send positive energy outwards from the field. If we believe and we work, we can.

I want players that play every game as if it was the last one. The effort is not negotiable, I don’t tolerate conformism, passivity is far away from me.

I feel totally identified with Anorthosis’ history, the team won’t give anything up and will fight against adversities.

To be persistent, not to give anything up, fight against dificulties and know that we have rivals that in this moment are better than us. That is our force. To know that they are better and that we feel competitive enough to fight against them».


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