Anorthosis Famagusta and GFS Press Release

Δελτίο Τύπου Ανόρθωσης και GFS

ANORTHOSIS FAMAGUSTA FC announces the commencement of cooperation with GLOBAL FOOTBALL SOLUTIONS (GFS), a renowned company operating worldwide and recently in Cyprus as well, on all football related aspects. This cooperation falls under Anorthosis’ greater strategic planning, “VISION 2020”, which is methodically and systematically implemented and upheld.

The cooperation between the two organizations calls for the implementation of a specific program related to football academies and youth development of football players, which will be incorporated in the existing system currently in place at Anorthosis with the aim of improving the current operations.

At the same time, as part of the greater cooperation between the two organizations, we are happy to announce the creation of a state of the art practice facility to be used for the purposes of the cooperation. This new academy facility will include, when completed, among other things, a number of full size football pitches, a number of full size 3G pitches, a sports hall, medical and rehabilitation facilities, alongside accommodation and education amenities. The facility is targeted to be ready within the calendar year 2018. More information on the subject will be released at a later date.

ANORTHOSIS FAMAGUSTA (FOOTBALL) PLC President, Mr. Charalambos Manoli, and major shareholder and Club President Mr. Christos Poullaides had a chance to exchange views on several football related issues with GFS Chairman Mr. Paul Stretford.

In a short statement made by GFS Chairman Mr. Paul Stretford, it was emphasized that: “All of us at GFS are delighted to have reached agreement with Anorthosis Famagusta FC. Over the last 18 months we have visited and spoken with many Clubs but Anorthosis stood out and we have chosen to work with them because of their vision and professionalism. We now look forward, as partners, to creating facilities that will be of the highest standards to benefit the development of young footballers in Cyprus and beyond”.


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